Welcome to the Steel Pen

I’m researching the history of the steel pen (dip pens, to most of you), especially as they were made in the United States. As I research through old sources I find bits and bobs of things I find interesting, sometimes about steel pens, sometimes about other topics.

I decided I needed a place to capture some of these. Some will make it into my research, some won’t, but if I find it interesting, there may be someone else who may enjoy it as well.

So, be prepared for the trivial, the obscure, the odd and an occasional interesting bit.

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  1. I grew up in the house owned by Gyulo Armeny, a partner in the firm of Armeny & Marion. I would be very interested in acquiring a pen made by this firm. Armeny died in 1920 and the partnership was dissolved at that time. Any readers of this site who know of an available Armeny & marion pen, please contact me. A brief summary of Mr Armeny’s life (and death) can be found on my web site in the entry “Biography of a House.”

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