Esterbrook Steel Pen Company (Finally!)

We’ve finally arrived at the 800 pound gorilla of US steel pen companies, R. Esterbrook & Co. in the latest installment: “Esterbrook, Part 1: In The Beginning…”

Esterbrook was a significant force in the steel pen industry world-wide, and it dominated all other American steel pen companies from not long after its founding until the death of the American steel pen trade in the 1950’s.

The beginnings of the company have been shrouded in mystery and myth for quite a long time. With the help of some wonderfully generous people, especially Frances, the Family History Research volunteer at the Liskeard and District Museums, I’ve been able to understand, and hopefully convey, some sense of the ground from which sprung this influential company led by an influential family. (who had a rather unusual taste in names)

The article covers the ground from Cornwall and Richard Esterbrook Senior’s birth, up until the company re-formed in 1866.



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  1. I found something from Esterbrook when I was going through my grandmother’s things.. I can’t locate anything like it online. It’s round, wood, has a couple holes that says insert pen here, and a lever on the top. Can I send you a photo of it and see if you know what it was used for?

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